Saturday, February 5, 2011


Ok, so I decided my first makeup review post should be about my favorite lipstick.  Anyone who knows me, knows I am a total MAC Cosmetics WHORE (as well as employee) and a huge fan of the company.  I love their aesthetic, their products,as well as the color stories they create and so much more.  This spring being no exception!

Next week brings the launch of the new color story Wonder Woman by MAC!!!  Holy wrist bracelets, I am so excited!!!  I am a HUGE Wonder Woman fan, and what better way to combine two of my favorite things?!!

It just so happens that one of the lipsticks repromoted within the launch happens to be my very favorite Russian Red.  As soon as I get my digital camera back from my ho-bag friend Matty, I will take some swatch photos instead of stealing them from other sites.  Russian Red is a matte formula, but compared to some other mattes, this one is no where near as dry as it could be.  I find it builds up nicely on a lip brush and deposits colid color with out having to build up too many layers.  The color is mostly neutral, however it does lean slightly blue.  I am golden-toned (NC 30 in winter, NC 35 in summer for reference) but I enjoy the light bit of vibrancy that blueness lends.  I also like to sometimes top it with a gloss.  You can choose many varieties to cover a red, you can go with clear, a gold sparkle, or my favorite, a clear red gloss that when piled on makes the lips look like a candied apple!!  Yumm  :)

As far as application, I like to line my lips after applying with MAC's Brick lip liner pencil.  Brick is slightly warmer and -just- a shade darker.  It helps get a nice solid edge line and helps get rid of the edge where that blue-ness can sometimes com through and look pinkish.  The depth also creates some dimension for added fullness.   I am actually wearing this combination (As well as a little added MAC Mahogany lip liner just around ege to brown it down a smidge, and give more depth for the photo.) in the photo at the top.   It normally retails for $14.50, the version with the Wonder Woman lipstick tube is $15.50.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Youtube videos!

Hey Everyone!!  I wanted to share with you some funny videos I created just for you!!  Actually I made these about a year ago, for the amazing but now defunct 'Follies' drag show at Icepics Video Bar in Phoenix, Arizona.  We won 'Best Drag Show in Phoenix 2010.'

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